Making your microbiome better

Our mission is to give you the power to live with more microbial love. By supporting you

in sustaining a lifestyle that enriches your microbiome, we hope to help you to lead a

more fulfilling, healthy life.

What we’re building

GUTXY is creating a microbiome testing service that uses gut health as a marker

for optimizing wellness. We aim to help individuals make educated dietary and lifestyle

choices using the microbiome as a tool. We are here to guide you through your

microbiome discovery.

What we value

At GUTXY, we’re dedicated to making the wonders of the microbiome accessible

and actionable to all. We believe that the core to good health begins with the gut,

and every person should have the necessary tools to improve their life this way.

Join GUTXY's mission.

Unlock the mystery of your microbiome.