How Does it Work?




The purpose of GUTXY is to help individuals make educated dietary choices that enhance their health through gut microbiome analyses. Essentially, we are a personalised health service that give you the chance to track your gut health over time. By tracking the trends, we are able to give you scientifically grounded health advises based on your individual needs.

The process works where, firstly, you sign-up, and we send you a sampling kit. Once received, the kit provides simple instructions on how to take a stool sample at home, which you will then return to us and we send off for sequencing.

We will then extract the DNA from your sample and carry out, giving you concrete data analyses of your gut bacteria. We will thus give you tailored dietary and lifestyle information that can be practically applied to optimize your daily lifestyle habits. For instance, our analyses will provide you with a personalized nutrition profile, which details your bacterial profile, the level of antibiotic balance present, as well as which foods to choose and avoid in order to reach your wellness goals.