Spices for gut health

Best Gut Healing Foods According to Ayurveda

Good gut health is one of the foundational principles of Ayurveda, an ancient healing system originating from India. From intermittent fasting to spicing up your meals, adopting Ayurvedic principles and

Fennel seeds for flatulence

How to Relieve Flatulence

Excess gas and flatulence can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Here, we delve into how to relieve flatulence, with our top tips for supporting gut health. What is Flatulence? Flatulence is

Top Tips for a Gut-Friendly Christmas

At Christmas time, along with the jolly music and smell of cinnamon cookies, it’s our gut microbiome that can actually be having a tough time. All that rich food, alcohol

The Making of a SAD Microbiome

Feeling down, drained and lacking motivation? It could be due to a SAD microbiome.  Don’t we all know the feeling: when it’s grey and cold outside, who wants to leave