Lactose intolerance can lead to digestive issues.

Reversing Lactose Intolerance with Your Microbiome

A new microbiome study may have found a way for lactose intolerant people to lessen their digestive symptoms and enjoy dairy again. Here’s what you need to know about prebiotics, probiotics and your lactose intolerance.

A Guide to Probiotics: How to Keep Your Gut Happy

Probiotics have great health benefits and numerous studies agree: taking certain foods and supplements can boost your microbiome and help all your good gut bugs. But, just what kinds of

Should you test your gut microbiome?

With an array of microbiome tests increasingly becoming available, you may have been wondering their worth. Here, we look into just what gut testing can offer you.   By Maria Arvaniti 

Your Gut Loves Dietary Fiber

Fiber-rich foods not only reduce the risk of a range of diseases, including Irritable Bowel Disease, diabetes and heart disease, they also appear to enhance longevity. Dietary fiber is widely

Eat this type of fiber to keep your gut healthy

We all know that eating well keeps us healthy, but what about your gut bacteria? What do they eat? Food components that feed “good” gut bacteria are known as prebiotics.