Protect Your Brain As You Age

Research is continually showing that feeding our gut in the right way is crucial for improving and even preventing cognitive decline as we age – find out how to protect your brain.

Free Gut Test You Can Do at Home

Your gut transit time is a key indicator of how well your microbiome is doing. Beyond microbiome testing, there’s a free way to run your own gut test at home.

Our Ancient Microbiome

Our guts are much less diverse than they used to be 2000 years ago. Scientists believe that our ancient gut microbiomes may give clues for the chronic conditions of today.

What Makes a Healthy Microbiome?

Why do some people develop chronic diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis, while others stay healthy? A major clue could be in the gut microbiome.

How Dysbiosis Affects Your Gut Health

Living in harmony doesn’t just involve your external surroundings, but your inner community. Your gut flora can either be in or out of balance – the later of which we call dysbiosis.