These 3 Bacteria Can Make Life with IBD Easier

The prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD,) has been on a surge, and is expected to carry on increasing through the coming years. Scientists are still figuring out how to crack the IBD code; luckily, they are now one step closer.

Probiotics can make vaccines more effective

Our gut microbes and immune system have an intricate relationship – no wonder 70% of immune cells are found in the gut! Through vaccines, we can instigate our immunity to

The Microbiome and Your Immune System

Your immune system and microbiome are connected, and constantly shaping each other. More and more research links the microbiome to conditions such as allergies, inflammation, and immune deficiencies. As the

Is Raw Food Really Better? Researchers Weigh In

Researchers from Harvard and UC San Francisco teamed up to decipher how the gut microbiome processes plant food when it’s eaten either cooked or raw. Turns out, there are marked cooking-induced changes in our microbial communities.