GUTXY “GUT-SEE” is all about being bold in your daily life. We see the future as microbiome-centric, and aim to help you use your gut health as a marker for feeling your best, everyday. We are here to guide you through your microbiome evolution.

At GUTXY, we’re dedicated to making the wonders of the microbiome accessible and actionable to all. We believe that the core to good health begins with the gut, and every person should have the necessary tools to improve their life this way.

Our mission is to give you the power to live with more microbial love. By supporting you in sustaining a lifestyle that enriches your microbiome, we hope to help you to lead a more fulfilling, healthy life.


At GUTXY, your privacy is our top priority. We pledge to maintain the highest bioethical standards, policies and procedures to keep your personal information safe and secure. We won’t sell or share your microbiome data without your permission.


We’ve partnered with the largest next-generation sequencing lab in the world, BGI. Together, we are able to deliver the most accurate and secure insights. Our expert team of bioinformaticians, biological scientists and nutritionists review each and every result profile delivered by GUTXY.


We are dedicated to building a trustworthy and accessible service with our partners, furthering the understanding of the microbiome, and creating relationships based on loyalty and integrity with our customers. This is the core of our mission.

Our Story

Whilst completing her masters degree in Bioinformatics, Sofia started studying the Human Microbiome in a course at Copenhagen University. Her interest in the subject had already begun a couple years prior, when she read Dr. Martin Blaser's book 'Missing Microbes.' Who knew we had that many microbes? And that they could change how good you feel, or how good you look?!

Doctor's orders demanded she take antibiotics during her teens and now, with this new information, she had to wonder - how much damage was done to my microbes? How did those prescriptions affect my health and wellbeing today?

She wanted to test her own gut. Unfortunately, there was nothing local that allowed her to test her microbiome, and find out how her gut was doing.

Lo and behold, GUTXY was born!