What foods cause flatulence/gas?

Believe it or not, intestinal gas is normal AND healthy. However, certain foods can stimulate a little too much gas for your liking. These foods are common culprits.

The main cause of gas is the bacterial fermentation of undigested sugars in our colon.

  • Dairy. The main cause of gas is the bacterial fermentation of undigested sugars in our colon. Poor digestion of the milk sugar lactose, therefore, makes dairy products a leading cause of gas¹.
  • Sorbitol and Xylitol. Found in sugar-free sweets, these sugars are often poorly digested.
  • Soda. The high fructose in soda can be another culprit².
  • Eggs. If you’re worried about the smell, take another look at those hard-boiled eggs. Gassy odors appear to stem from the digestion of sulfur-rich foods. If you want to dilute the stench, your best bet is to cut back on foods like meat and eggs – hydrogen sulfide is known as the “rotten egg gas” for a reason.
  • Certain grains. 
  • Cruciferous vegetables/beans. Doubling up to provide prebiotic potential, it’s worth trying to keep them in your diet.


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