How do I know if my microbiome test result is good?

Here’s a quick overview to help you understand whether your specific microbiome test results are “good.”

Firstly, it’s important to remember that there is no defined “healthy microbiome.” Your ranges compare your result to a specific healthy population. This is a valuable guide but is not bullet-proof.

A good result will differ depending on the report section.

  • Less desirable microbes, listed in the ‘Chronic Culprits’ and ‘IBS sections,’ are better in lower or undetected levels. The only exception is those that have an inverse association.
  • Microbes that are generally beneficial will be better in higher ranges, denoted by a green bar in your report. This is because these microbes carry positive effects, and are good to have in your gut.
  • N/D stands for ‘Not Detected.’ In general, it is good to try and raise your levels if this is seen next to a beneficial microbe, such as probiotic bacteria.

Overall, having a green bar next to your result is a good sign, since this means it’s within the healthy reference range. However, this is merely a guide. It is important to look at your results as a whole.

Your current standing is a reflection of your:

  • Overall diversity
  • Levels of bad and good microbes
  • Presence/absence of gut symptoms


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