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Doing a one-time test only provides a snapshot of your microbes at a single point in time. This means your sample is compared to a reference database of a healthy population. Whilst this carries its own merit, your microbiome is a collection of numerous factors, completely unique to you. This means that the best way to truly get the most value and insights from microbiome testing, is to compare your microbiome to you! This is what our new intervention program RESET is all about.

Who’s this for? 

– If you’re sick of not knowing why your gut flares up.

– If you’re frustrated with the lacklustre medical support and ineffective solutions you’ve tried for your IBS.

– If you’re tired of trying countless diets, without seeing results.

– If you want to have the freedom of FINALLY not having to worry or think about your digestion! 


RESET offers you FULL support. Not only do we guide you through which dietary intervention you should start, based on your symptoms, we will be offering tips and tricks throughout the whole program. Be prepared to be part of a reassuring community that will help you reach your goals and finally overcome your gut woes. Looking at the microbes in your gut is the missing link to figuring out what’s triggering your bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, rosacea, acne – you name it! Your gut is the foundation for how good you feel. Make sure you listen to what it’s trying to tell you. 

What you get

  • 2x gut kits
  • 2x 16S sequencing
  • Guidance throughout your intervention 
  • Final wellness report featuring:
    • Your microbiome results before and after
    • Your current gut status
    • Your microbial levels of common IBS triggers
    • Gut health tools for digestive support
    • New dietary recommendations

What you need to know

We’re running the program in batches, this means there is a final sign-up and start date. This will ensure maximum support throughout the program, ensuring you reach your goals. Due to popular demand, deadline to join the program is extended to January 3rd!  

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