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As Hippocrates said, “All Disease Begins in The Gut.” It’s the key to how good we feel. Whether you’re feeling low energy and need a boost, or want to optimise your digestion and lose weight, the collection of microbes in your gut could lead you to the right answer. 

RESET+ let’s you use your microbes as a marker, to track how dietary changes affect your gut, and thus, see what you should be eating to feel your best!

Who’s this for? 

– If you’re tired of trying countless diets, without seeing results.

– If you’re frustrated with sluggish digestion and just want things to run smoothly.

– If you want to have the freedom of FINALLY knowing what foods work for you


RESET+ is a unique program that is especially tailored to you. We are using an exclusive new technology, previously unseen on the market, that offers much greater accuracy and speed. This enables us to profile 50 important microbes – linked to everything from constipation and diarrhea to weight loss – to a very high level of precision. You can trust that we will give you scientific dietary insights that are based off your actual data! 

How it works

  1. Collect your first stool sample and send it back
  2. Get your first report, including your dietary plan
  3. Complete your diet
  4. Second in your second sample
  5. Get your final wellness report, complete with your microbial results and new dietary recommendations!

What you get

  • 2x gut kits
  • 2x Microbiome Precision Profiling
  • Guidance throughout your intervention 
  • Final wellness report featuring:
    • Your microbiome results before and after
    • Your current gut status
    • Your microbial levels of common IBS triggers
    • Gut health tools for digestive support
    • New dietary recommendations

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