GUTXY (“gut-see”) stands for personal wellness.
You deserve to look and feel your best all the time.

Our Story

GUTXY was born out of a desire for better, science-backed options for personal wellness.

“During my teens, I had very problematic skin and was often prescribed antibiotics. The doctor would literally tell me: we’ll try this for three months, and then we’ll try another if it doesn’t work. That didn’t seem super effective! It was a couple of years later when I came across the microbiome that my whole concept of health – and life – changed. I was so inspired that I shifted my Bioinformatics studies and scientific career to focus on the gut.

Naturally, I not only wanted to test my own microbiome, but also show others that their gut was so important for their wellbeing.

There was nowhere locally to test my own gut, so I decided to start GUTXY! We were the first microbiome testing company in Denmark.

I believe we need to be bold with our health, and that’s what GUTXY is all about.”

– Sofia Popov, Founder & CEO