You are what your gut microbes eat

Your body is more bacteria than human. Be bold with your personal wellness by using your microbiome to decode your diet.

Did you know that up to 90% of the cells in your body are not human? They’re actually microbes! They include bacteria, viruses and fungi, and collectively, they make up your gut microbiome.

Your microbes help you digest your food, produce important vitamins, and stimulate your immune system. They also help fight off pathogens, and can even affect your mood, metabolism, and appetite.

At GUTXY, we are all about good gut health! We believe that by listening to your gut, you can figure out exactly what you should be eating to feel you best. And with RESET+, our personalised dietary intervention programme, we empower you to do just that!

We let your gut guide you to better digestive health

A whole community to support you

GUTXY is more that just microbiome testing. We are a source of knowledge, support and accountability during your personal gut health journey.

We are growing our tribe and will soon open a dedicated GUTXY Community section.

GUTXY adjective

\ 'gut-see \
  1. Being bold with your health.
  2. Listening to your gut microbes.