Need help with your digestion? 

We can help.

We show you how your gut is really doing, so you can feel your best.


Say bye to bad digestion, with our wellness reports. We help you get your gut in balance, by showing you which foods are right for you.


Tailored so you save time

We’ve all been there. You find a diet online, they have their theories. So you try eating as they say. You go a couple weeks, and have no idea if its working. Are you just wasting your time?  Well, its worth reminding yourself: wellness begins in the gut. When your gut knows what you need – it can save you time. Instead of blindly following subjective “expertise,” be guided by your own body’s instinctual clues. We help you master your digestion, ensuring better bowel movements and waste release, so you holistically enhance all aspects of your health: lets feel lighter.

Act with Intelligence

Use your gut’s intelligence to drive markable changes in all aspects of your life. We place a long-term emphasis on lifestyle. By understanding your microbiome, you will know all you need to tap into your gut’s wisdom, to guide you in improving your digestion, skin and mental health.

Science to support you

We constantly scour the latest scientific publications, to keep you in the know on what’s going on in the ever-evolving realm of microbiome health research. There’s still so much to uncover in this fascinating field, and we make sure to move with the science.


Get your "before" status

Discover your current gut status, by testing a sample at the start of the program. We will then give you a report of your first results. Our nutritionist team will then use this to draft a customised dietary plan – just for you!

Follow a personalised nutritional program

Complete a personalised dietary intervention program (for whatever duration suits you.) This will be structured to improve your symptoms and microbial scores from your first sample.

Get your final wellness report!

Use your gut microbiome to track your progress! At the end of your program, send in a second sample. We will then compile a final report that shows you how your status changed, including your levels of the 50 microbes we test for in RESET+.

Get your digestion on track by eating what your gut loves.