Fight food sensitivities with your gut microbiota

Food sensitivities are increasingly common in our modern society, and our gut bacteria might be to blame. Infections early in life and an out-of-balance microbiome play a role in developing

Should you test your gut microbiome?

With an array of microbiome tests increasingly becoming available, you may have been wondering their worth. Here, we look into just what gut testing can offer you.   By Maria Arvaniti 

Preserve your natural microbiome: Here’s how

Researchers put forward the need for creating a microbial “volt” to preserve beneficial microbial species, which are slowly disappearing from our guts. By Maria Arvaniti  Your gut microbiome might be

Your invisible microbial cloud

Scientists from Stanford University have created a groundbreaking device that closely monitors the unseen and complex environmental exposures we face daily: our unique microbial cloud. By Maria Arvaniti  We are