How To Get Complete Protein as a Vegan?

Vegans can achieve complete protein intake by combining plant-based protein sources that complement each other in terms of amino acid profiles, or by eating complete protein plant-based sources.

To get all the amino acids your body needs for optimal health, it’s important to combine different plant-based protein sources. For example, quinoa and soy are plant-based complete proteins.1

Here are some tips for getting complete protein as a vegan:

  1. Mix legumes with grains like rice or wheat. An easy way to do this is to eat beans, rice bowls and lentil soup with wholegrain bread.
  2. Combine legumes with nuts or seeds like sunflower or sesame seeds. Eating a lentil salad with sunflower seeds or peanut butter on whole grain toast is a quick way to do this.
  3. Mix legumes with soy products like tofu, tempeh or soy milk and eat them with other plant-based proteins or grains.
  4. Include quinoa or amaranth in your meals or snacks to get all nine essential amino acids.
  5. Eat complementary protein sources throughout the day like hummus with wholewheat pita, or black beans with corn tortillas.


  1. Gastelu et al. (2020). ISSA: Fitness Nutrition

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